On the “Dan Acadia” promenade at the Herzliya shores, lies “Yam 7”, a unique Mediterranean restaurant experience with an Asian flare. A home for superb menu with an elegant serenity vibe, accompanied by breathtaking sea views – a perfect combination of atmosphere and culinary excellence.
Yam 7 will host you around the clock – serving creative selection of breakfast options, business lunch specials, an exceptional after-dark tapas menu and last but not least, a spectacular dinner service.

Shades of blue and green are surrounding the chilled restaurant area with glass windows overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A visit to Yam 7 restaurant fits all crowds, parties and events: you will find a private sitting area, bar tables, banquet tables and more, any option for any kind of event.

The culinary artists and menu crafters are Chef Assaf Zilberstein and Chef Yuri Sanchuk, serving an original menu with local touches, international twists and Asian influences. Yam 7 is an ideal combination of outstanding food, beautiful beach views and party people. A day in Yam 7 always feels like a perfect summer day off!

The people behind the flavors

Chef Assaf Zilberstein and Chef Yuri Sanchuk are the power couple behind the marvelous Yam 7 kitchen. Chef Assaf Zilberstein is the leader of the pack, a chef and a culinary consultant with worldly restaurant experience, including work in New Zealand and Australia. Chef Zilberstein is a seafood expert that has worked in Michelin star restaurants abroad.